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This is where you’ll get unfettered access to the musings of the minds behind the wonderful world of BurnIt. Here are the basic rules..

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Welcome to the BurnIt Blog

This is not school.  Seriously.  This is for you!  If you have a question, ask it!  (The stupider the better.)  If it’s dumb, someone else will answer it.  If it’s REALLY dumb, I’ll probably write a whole blog entry answering it.  We’re all here to help each other out, plus, I guarantee if you’re wondering something then so are dozens of other people.

If you have something that would be a good blog topic, leave it as a comment.  Your wish is our command.  Again, this is about you!

Make friends, swap war stories, swap success stories, swap I-fell-off-the-treadmill-again stories, but please do so in a polite, civilized manner.  I’ll monitor comments and get rid of anything obviously offensive, but follow the rules you learned in kindergarten and everything should be good to go.
So that was quick.  Now here’s your assignment *insert groan here*.  Think of a topic you’d like to hear about (nutrition? HIIT training? time management? stress management? motivation?) and drop us a comment below.  

Check back at least once a week for a new blog post.  You get a gold star if one of your topics gets chosen.

Off to lift something up and put it down,

P.S.  Another gold star for you if you get the reference in the signoff…

By: Liz

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