The Easiest Diet Ever

So you know how all the fad diets rely on some newly-revealed, breakthrough science that seems to be so complicated they can't even really describe it?

Ever notice that every three months there seems to be another new craze diet that will change your life and make all the fat people into supermodels in 17.9 seconds? Yeah, about that...

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The Easiest Diet Ever

Walk through this thought process with me... if there were such thing as a "miracle diet", wouldn't everyone be on it, lose a ton of weight, and the obesity problem would be solved?So, given that not everyone looks like a supermodel, I'm thinking a fad diet isn't the way to go.

Let's try this one instead.  It's super easy, no confusing rules or factors involved, and (best of all) there is no starvation or unnatural levels of self restraint needed.

Here's the skinny (pun intended):

  1. Eat exactly what you normally eat (WHATEVER you normally eat)

  2. Stop after you've eaten 1/2 of what you ordered/made

  3. Wait 10 minutes

  4. If (and let me emphasize IF) you still feel hungry eat 1/2 of the remaining part

  5. Always leave 1/4 of your original order on the plate

Pros:Cons:The Basis Behind It:
Portion control (or the lack thereof) is absolutely out of control in today's society.  Restaurants give us more and more food, so seeing a "correct" portion size on a plate makes us freak out, even though that's all our body really needs.  So, what happens when we're given a portion that's way bigger than we need?   

Slurp, chomp, gulp, bye bye calories.  

We eat it ALL.  Why?  Because it's there, because there's no dividing line between "enough" and "way too much", because it takes a few minutes for the "I'm full" signal to make its way from your stomach to your brain, and because (usually) we're doing something else (like reading, talking, or watching television) so we don't even notice the amount of food we're throwing down the hatch.

What this diet does is forces us to pause (put the fork down...no, DOWN... good dog...), let our bodies take the time to register that we're -probably- full, realize that we're still eating, and evaluate things.  

Also, this starts breaking the "clean your plate" habit that was drilled into us when we were kids.  We can eat everything on our plates, but we need to do it only when we choose to because we're still hungry, not because we do so out of habit and aren't thinking or paying attention.


  1. Try it for a few days or even a week

  2. Comment below with how it worked

By: Liz

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